Queen Adreena, also known as Queenadreena, are an alternative rock band from London, England formed in 1999 from the ashes of KatieJane Garside and Crispin Gray's previous band, Daisy Chainsaw. In 2010 they announced a hiatus.


Members Edit

Last Known Edit

KatieJane Garside – Vocals (1999–2009)

Crispin Gray – Guitar (1999–2009)

Nomi Leonard – Bass (2006–2009)

Bambi – Drums (2008–2009)

Former Edit

Pete Howard – Drums (2002–2008. Provided drums on all albums except 'Taxidermy')

Orson Wajih – Bass (1999–2002. Played on the 'Taxidermy' tour and on the 'Drink Me' album.)

Billy Freedom – Drums (1999–2002. Provided drums on 'Taxidermy')

Melanie Garside – Bass (Autumn 2003–Early 2005. Played bass at the Killing Joke support at the Astoria, London (as seen on the Queenadreena LiveDVD), and provided bass on The Butcher and the Butterfly, co-writing several tracks, and played live gigs for over a year before leaving.)

Paul Jackson – Bass (2005–2006. Played live for about a year.)

Michael Vakalis – Bass (May/June 2003. Played on a French tour.)

Janne Jarvis – Bass (Autumn 2002. Played on the 'Drink Me' tour.)

Richard Adams – Bass (December 2002–Spring 2003. Played the 'Crash' live soundtrack, and toured in early 2003. Co-wrote 'Pull Me under' which was played live under the title 'Carpet Burn'.)

Dom Bouffard – Bass (Summer/Autumn 2003. Played on a UK tour.)

Releases Edit

Studio Edit

Taxidermy (2000)

Drink Me (2002)

The Butcher and the Butterfly (2005)

Djin (2008)

Compilations Edit

Ride a Cock Horse (2007)

Live Edit

Live at the ICA (2005)

Singles Edit

"Cold Fish" / "Yesterday's Hymn" (1999)

"X-Ing Off the Days" / "A Heavenly Surrender" (1999)

"I Adore You" / "Weeds" (2000)

"Jolene" / "Pretty Polly" (2000)

"Pretty Like Drugs" (2002)

"F.M. Doll" (2002)

"Medicine Jar" (2005)

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